Welcome to Creative,

This website has been designed to offer students the opportunity to publish their creative work; whether it be photographs, writing, articles, or reviews of shows and exhibitions. Every day at University I see examples of fantastic thought, beautiful writing, and aesthetic creations, and I think it only fair that a medium should exist for their publication. This website is for those pieces of work, think of Creative as an online magazine, continually being updated and read.

Please take some time to look through the articles that have been posted on this website. They reflect the creativity of the students who have written them, and their talents.

Each of the pages on this site are dedicated to a different aspect of creativity, and the best articles and pictures from each month have been posted on them. For a list of the previous months best articles please look under ‘Best of’ where they are cataloged.

To submit your work for publication please email it to:


And we will include it as soon as possible.


Tit Bits:

Publication Time:

Our first publication albeit online! I’ve spent a while doing this, but I do know there is a lot of room for improvement, don’t get me wrong. Click on the link below to visit our online zine!


Have a look and let me know what you think….

Letters from the Editor:

Going, Going, Gone


First of all I would like to thank you all for all of the contributions. The variety is fantastic!  We are about to start a bigger music section including playlist and videos so get excited for that!

My procrastination levels have reached a new ether entirely this holiday. Writing 8 thousand words would you’d think take up most of your time and concentration. But any excuse to not begin or finish is where I find myself on a regular basis.  One sure fired way to not concentrate is to visit the Outnet.com, a fashion outlet. I’m starting to ask myself frequently what I did before I knew about it….and the answer quite simply is that I was more well off. It is the brain child of net-a-porter, and so as you can imagine the taste and style on the site is impeccable. Christopher Kane dress float off the screen into your post box, before you quite know what you’ve done. It is also an incredibly innovative site, a brief gaze at the sale section, keeps you looking a lot longer. ‘Flash Sale, ‘Going going gone’ ‘Pop up sale’ all litter the headline, ‘I don’t understand my head scream, I must understand’ (the effect of too much work, is I have to be thorough ). And what I find out is enough to keep me coming back. Instead of your regular sale, Outnet which is an outlet and so sells designer goods at half price anyway, has reinvented the sale. On certain goods, at certain times, the price will start to drop much like a reverse eBay, and the question is how long will you wait to buy your item. The trick being at some point the item will run out, and you will have missed out on the patent clutch, or soft white leather handbag, of sheer chiffon summer dress, that you so desperately wanted, needed sorry.

This emporium of glamour and exclusivity at half the price is a must if only for the eyes.


Week One

A week into this site, and we already have a huge volume of contributions! I was especially proud of myself being able to include the You Tube video into the post. Give me a month and I’m bound to be a cyber guru I think…..I hope.

Looking back over the past weeks contributions, I can see already, as I’m sure can you, the importance for the inter-disciplinary platform. This site offers you the opportunity to show case your creativity amongst, people who are similarly inspired or curious, but who are expressing themselves in a unique and individual way. Through displaying the works within a community of creativity we are I believe adding to the experience of reading or viewing the single artefact.

Please feel free to comment under any of the pieces that have been posted. Part of the beauty of this site is I believe the fact it offers a forum for creativity. I am working at the moment on creating a folder for each of the people who have contributed, so that all of their work can be listed in an individual space as well. That way as a reader if you like one post it will be easier to find pieces by the same author/artist.

On Saturday I went to Sir John Soane’s museum in Lincoln’s Inn Field (London). It is a labyrinth of history and art, which pays homage to all of his interests. Walls are filled with classical remnants from buildings across the globe, books line beautiful glass cabinets, while the courtyard is filled with pieces from Westminster Place, and the tomb of his Dog ‘Fanny’. The piece de resistance, however, was a sarcophagus which the British Museum had turned down and he had brought for a mere £2,000! Amongst all of these collections are models and drawings from his architectural projects such as the Houses of Parliament and The Dulwich Picture Gallery. Every possible space is filled and made use of. Mirrors crowd empty spaces on the walls to divert your gaze, and alter your perspective on the room, and all it is trying to inflect on you. Overall it is well worth a visit, because in many ways it is what this site is trying to be, a home for creative offerings of whatever kind.



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